How to get Royal Pass for free of cost in Pubg mobile

Pubg mobile is really trying with every season to make the royal pass affordable for all the players so that more players can buy it but it won’t be free anytime soon by pubg mobile but some people are lucky and they have got the royal pass that comes from UC which costs 1000’s of RS and they got this for free by applying simple hacks that I will be teaching you today and you will also be able to get the royal pass for free of cost.

As everyone says that nothing in life comes for free and this is also true for pubg mobile, to get the royal pass for free you have to get some skills in pubg mobile which will get you 1000rs of UC to get the royal pass for free. You can participate in pubg mobile tournaments, some of which are free and some are not and there is always a good winning amount for the chicken dinner and even some RS per kill.

You can find pubg tournaments happening every hour on FB groups but you have to search a little and there you can participate in the tournament and collect up to 1000rs and buy the royal pass.

Well if you are not that skilled and still wants royal pass then there are some other ways too just keep reading the article to the last

Bonus challenges –

  1. For those who can’t afford the royal pass and cannot collect 1000 rs for royal pass, Pubg mobile recently launched bonus challenges that you can collect and earn battle coins and redeem with royal pass.  
  2. You have to keep completing the bonus challenges and earn battle coins to get the royal passs for free.
  3. To get the Season 13 Royale Pass, you need to collect at least 6000 battle coins from challenges. Now, if you are wondering how you are supposed to get that many as 6000 battle coins. Well, it will be not that easy if you and your squad in pubg are not actually good at the game but if you and your guys are decent at this game, you and your squad may well be in luck! However, you would also need battle coins to win the battle coins. i.e, there is a participation fee of around 10 to 100 BC for every challenge you play. 
  4. There is a bonus challenge where you have to get 1st rank in 3 continuous game and if you manage to win the 3 of the games, then you’ll get 2500 battle coins which is actually a big deal but it is definitely not an easy task to do so.


Another trick to get royal pass in pubg mobile for free –

This is also a free trick in which you don’t have to do anything or pay anywhere and will be getting the royal pass for free of cost

  1. To follow this trick, you have to remove all the gmail accounts in your phone that is linked to play store, go to settings then find accounts and there you will find all the gmail account that are linked to play store and you have to remove those accounts.
  2. Now by long pressing on your google play store, app info will pop out and you have to clear all data and cache from the app info.
  3. Now, open play store and login to a gmail account which is at least 2 months old, the account needs to be at least 2 months old.
  4. Now, Start PUBG and click on “+” sign on the top right corner of the home screen. From here, you should select the option stating UC 60 for Rs 79, a Google Play pop-up screen will appear on screen, click on Buy. It will then ask for your Gmail Password to Verify. Here, you should wait for 6 seconds and press back without entering any password. Now, Another Pop-up screen will appear stating if you not remember your Google Password. Click on No Thanks. It will take you back again to the initial screen asking for your Gmail password to verify the UC purchase. Here, finally again press back and you will get a 75 Rs discount and you can buy the UC 60 worth Rs 79 for only Rs 4.

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