How to get DP-28, Scar-L, AWM and Kar98k gun skin in Pubg Mobile

DP is one of the best all rounder weapon available in the pubg mobile because it can perform multiple task and only with this gun you can win the chicken dinner easily because this is by far the best all rounder gun that is available in the pubg mobile.

Trick to get DP – 28 gun skin for free in pubg mobile

  1. Open Playstore app in your mobile
  2. Search “Turbo VPN” in the search bar.
  3. Open VPN app – Turbo VPN
  4. Set the location to any country like Russia and Click on connect now.
  5. Now simply open your PUBG Mobile.
  6. Navigate to the Mail section in the game and tap on Collect all the rewards.


Trick to get Scar – L gun skin for free in pubg mobile –

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile beta application on your android phone
  2. Login to your PUBG mobile Scar – L count, if you haven’t already

  3. An update pop-up will appear on your game screen; Download and install the latest update without skipping

  4. Open the mail section of your pubg game and choose the mail having the subject “Guncraft reward”

  5. Get your free rewards then in the game by hitting the collect button


However, it’s not confirmed officially whether these rewards will keep remain in the user’s inventory in global version of the pubg mobile game. As per some sources, these gift items might only be available in the beta version.

AWM is one of the best sniper gun in Pubg Mobile and everyone in game wants this and to get this you have to keep finding Air drops and that is the only place in game where you can find AWM gun. It is the best sniper gun that is available in pubg mobile because it is having unique bullets and just 1 bullet on the head of enemy can knock him down.

How to get sniper AWM skin for free in Pubg Mobile

Here is a short method which may help you get Sniper AWM gun skin in Pubg mobile

1 – This is 100% legal trick but to get the AWM gun, you have to put some effort.

2 – You have to push a little in the game and reach the Diamond tier.

3 – After you reach to diamond tier in game, compete and play 5 matches in the diamond tier.

4 – On completing all the 5 matches in diamond tier, you will receive a special reward from the Pubg Mobile.

5 – Go to the gift section on home page and claim your reward, You will get the AWM skin for free as a reward from game.

6 – Claim it and enjoy.

7 – After completing the 5 matches in the diamond tier, you will not only get the AWM skin for free but some other goodies too.

8 – You will receive a frame and some skin outfits in the diamond tier.

Kar 98 is 2nd or 3rd best gun in Pubg mobile and it is also one of the most famous guns of Pubg mobile. Although Kar 98k is also very hard to find in game but if you are lucky enough then you can find it anywhere on  map but there are few special places where it is mostly found and that places are Novo, Georg pool, Military base, etc. It is not like AWM gun that you have to keep grinding and search all the Airdrops and there are still very less chances of finding it.

Trick to get Kar98 skin for free of cost in pubg mobile –

To get the kar98 skin for free, you have to download the Browsec VPN and by connecting it to Russia or Norway then the kar98 skin will be visible in your PUBG Shop section! Below is the exact guide to get the Kar98k Skin in Pubg Mobile for free of cost:

  1. Download and install the Browsec VPN from play store.
  2. Open the Browsec VPN and then select the Russia or Norway server and connect it by hitting connect button.
  3. Now, open your PUBG Mobile game and go to the: “Shop > Treasure”. There you’ll easily be able to find this crate which will eventually give you a Free Kar98k skin in just 20UC!

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